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© Yelena Yasen. Biography of Sergei Blumin in Visual Images. Part 1. 1948 – 1987. New York, 2017

Sergei Blumin. Musician. Soloist. Artist.   Childhood. Family. Conservatory. Musical Career. Artistic Beginning. Departure from Leningrad. Austria, Italy, America.   Biographical facts on Sergei Blumin can be found in articles, essays and video lectures published on several Internet sites listed underneath photo gallery presented in this post.         Articles, essays and video lectures in English and Russian on Sergei Blumin’s art and biography, … Continue reading

© Yelena Yasen. Sergei Blumin’s Renaissance. 2014

©  Елена Ясногородская. “Renaissance ” Сергея Блюмина. Вторая часть из серии видео-лекций, представляющих работы Сергея Блюмина, созданные им во время пребывания в Вене в 1978  – 1979 г.г.  An English version of the same lecture is published at http://www.adonispublishing.wordpress.com       …      

© Yelena Yasen. Review on the International Travelling Art Show “Alphabet of Art.” Published on Afisha Website. 2011.

Please see the “Meaning of the Sign” (under “Art Exhibitions” Category on this blog) which is directly related to this post. Information regarding travelling shows was updated in 2013.  Please see below the images of this post as well as the English version of the text.     «Алфавит искусства» – интернациональная, концептуальная передвижная выставка, задуманная на идее соединения в … Continue reading

© Sergei Blumin and Yelena Yasen. The Meaning of the Sign. Created for the International Traveling Show, Alphabet of Art. 2011 – 2013

All images are protected by Digimarc against the copyright infringement.  More information on:  http://www.sergeiblumin.wordpress.com, http://www.sergeiblumin.com, http://www.sergeibluminart.wordpress.com The Meaning of the Sign is the body of work created for bi-lingual (English-Russian) International Traveling Show, Alphabet of Art. The show was exhibited in Zverev Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow, in May 2011, in Philadelphia International House … Continue reading