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Sergei Blumin Visual Biography

© Yelena Yasen. Biography of Sergei Blumin in Visual Images. Part 4. 2000 – 2012. New York, 2017


Sergei Blumin.  Artist, Sculptor,
Essayist, Poet, Hand Made Art Book Creator,



Interview on RTN, interviewer Maya Pritsker, New York; Exhibition at Jericho Public Library, curator Philis Cox, New York; articles on Sergei Blumin art: Essay about the Artist by Nelya Rakovisky; Sergei Blumin in America, The Art of Sergei Blumin by Yelena Yasen (Russian Jewry Abroad, New Art International); The Artist Sergei Blumin by Olivia Twine (New Art International); articles by Sergei Blumin: In Strive
for Elusive Images, A Drop in the Sea; Sergei Blumin – poet: The Song of Voiceless
Birds, Translucent Worlds; Sergei Blumin – translator: The Day We Met Bird
Cherry Was in Bloom, The Lilac of the Fog Dissolves Surrounding
Nature, When the Sky at the Dawn Turns Crimson,
Do Ring My Jingle, Jingle Ring
The Old Church Graveyard



Biographical facts on Sergei Blumin can be found in articles, essays and
video lectures published on several Internet sites listed
underneath photo gallery presented in this post.





Articles, essays and video lectures in English and Russian on Sergei Blumin’s art and biography,
including his Visual Biography – Fifty Years in Art, Personal Statement and Artistic Credo,
can be found on Youtube and Vimeo portals, at Sergei Blumin’s and
Yelena Yasen’s profile pages
as well as on the following websites:




YouTube and Vimeo links can be easily activated
through the artist website, where his television
interviews can be watched as well:







About Yelena Yasen

Yelena Yasen (Елена Ясногородская): M.A. in Art History and Criticism from The Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia. Work history includes: The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia; Brooklyn Museum, New York; New School for Social Research, New York. Presently: College Professor, Writer, Art Designer; an author of "Russian Children's Book Illustration or Another Chapter in the History of Russian Avant-Garde" (Institute of Modern Russian Culture, University of Southern California, Archive) and more than 30 published articles in Russian and English.


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