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© Yelena Yasen. Sergei Blumin’s Portrait of a Soviet Intellectual. New York, 2014


Елена Ясногородская


Миниатюрная металлическая скульптура
Сергея Блюмина “Портрет Советского интеллигента”


Первая видео-лекция из серии, представляющей работы Сергея Блюмина,
созданные художником во время пребывания в Вене в 1978 г.
Нью Йорк, 2014





An English version of the series of lectures on Sergei
Blumin’s artistic activities in Vienna is published on:






About Yelena Yasen

Yelena Yasen (Елена Ясногородская): M.A. in Art History and Criticism from The Academy of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia. Work history includes: Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia; The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia; Brooklyn Museum, New York; New School for Social Research, New York; Private College, New York (25 years of teaching experience). Presently: self-employed writer on art subjects and art designer; an author of "Russian Children's Book Illustration or Another Chapter in the History of Russian Avant-Garde" (Institute of Modern Russian Culture, University of Southern California, Archive); multiple published articles and essays in Russian and English (www.yelenayasen.wordpress.com, www.yelenayasenbooks.wordpress.com, www.adonispublishing.wordpress.com); video lectures on YouTube and Vimeo internet portals; multiple mutual art projects in collaboration with artist Sergei Blumin


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