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© Yelena Yasen. Sergei Blumin in New Art International. Book Art Press. 2007 – 2008.

All images are protected by Digimarc against the copyright infringement. More information on:  http://www.sergeibluminart.wordpress.com, http://www.sergeiblumin.wordpress.com, http://www.sergeiblumin.com Sergei Blumin.  © New Art International.  Executive Editor:  © Jeremy Sedley.  A Compendium of Recent Works by World Contemporary Artists. Book Art Press Publishers. New York. Volume XI, 2006 – 2007     Sergei Blumin began to paint 40 years … Continue reading

© Yelena Yasen. Sergei Blumin. Metal Sculpture, Watercolor, Oil Painting (Austria, Vienna). 2008

All images are protetected by Digimarc against the copiright infringement.  More information on:  http://www.sergeiblumin.com http://www.sergeibluminart.wordpress.com http://www.sergeiblumin.wordpress.com © Y. Yasen. Sergei Blumin, Metal Sculpture, Watercolor, Oil Painting (Austria, Vienna). Full version of the article. Russian Jews in Germany and Austria. Jerusalem, 2008, p. 419 – 432.  Russian Jewry Abroad. Vol. 16. Essays and Memoirs.  Compiled and edited by … Continue reading